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Farm Machinery Journal Issue 44 December 2017

Field Test: FMJ subjected the new John Deere 6250R to a rigorous workout to find out if it's the answer to the mixed needs of British and Irish contractors.
First Impression: The popular Yamaha Kodiak has received some upgrades for 2018 that not even the Scottish wilderness could tame.
First Impression: Refreshed under the ownership of Kubota, the latest kit from Kverneland and Vicon is the most sophisticated yet.
First Impression: Loader manufacturer MX has unveiled 21 new loaders and a clever new control system. FMJ reports from France.
Head to Head: Sales of big ploughs are on the rise, with over 10-furrows becoming the norm, as these examples have proved.
Event Report: The Irish National Ploughing Championships were a showcase for homegrown kit from local manufacturers.
Fleet Profile: How the perfect mix of old and new machinery are working in harmony.
Behind the Scenes: As JCB celebrates 40 years of its Loadall telehandler, FMJ got a glimpse into how these iconic machines are built.
Running Report: After trialling different methods, this farm finally settled on a John Deere 750A drill, but was it the right choice?
Running Report: A switch to zero-grazing saw the Youngs select a Grass-Tech machine, but have they seen the gains they expected?
Opinion: Farmer Troy Stuart talks about the impact of rising machinery costs.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used Pottinger forage wagon.
Precision Farming: Here's why a tape measure could be one of the most valuable tools for boosting your operation's efficiency.
Tyre technology: The latest developments and how to keep tyres in top condition for longer.
Game Changers: How Bomford took the humble cultivator and gave it a simple but significant renovation.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 43 November 2017

Field Test: The New Holland T5.105 visited FMJ’s real-world test farm to find out if it’s got what it takes to impress in work.
First Impression: The tracked Fendt 900 Varlo MT tractors have finally been shown in the flesh. Are they worth the hype, though?
First Impression: After a busy season dodging rain, the latest New Holland combines stopped long enough for a walk around.
First Impression: Is AGCO’s one-combine-fits-all model a sign of what’s to come? FMJ went to see the new MF, Fendt and Challenger.
First Impression: Keenan’s new self-propelled feeder, built with Italian firm Storti, has landed in the UK, and it’s proving a hit.
Fleet Profile: FMJ met with a farming family to find out why a self-propelled potato harvester is still in use despite regular attempts to switch to a trailed machine.
Behind the Scenes: Abbey Machinery opens the doors to its new Irish production facility.
Event Preview: The latest innovations on display at AgriTechnica next month, including electric Fendts and a half-tracked Claas.
Running Report: Is a JCB Fastrac 4220 the ultimate do-it-all tractor when fitted with a Quickie loader? This operator says it’s not far off.
Running Report: Why the switch to a DIY silage strategy meant investing in a new Pottinger 5010 Combiline forage wagon.
Running Report: Can a Claas Scorpion telehandler stop the reign of tractors on this farm?
Opinion: Bill Pepper of auction company Cheffins discusses why now is the time to sell your used tractors and machinery.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used New Holland TS125A
Technical: On the Right Track: Why tracked tractors continue to be popular, which machine is right for you, plus how to make rubber last longer.
Technical: Stage V Emissions: New rules are coming into place in 2019. Here’s how they will affect you.
Game Changers: Only four Hornsby-Akroyd tractors were ever sold, but it might just be one of the most important ever built.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 42 October 2017

Field Test: The Krone BIG X 630 has sparked a lot of interest in Ireland. FMJ joined one operator to find out how it performs.
First Impression: The latest John Deere S700 combines have been unveiled. FMJ was there to see the latest machines in action.
First Impression: A Cambridgeshire contractor gives his verdict on the latest Pottinger Novacat A10 combination mower.
First Impression: The latest technology has made its way from the flagship Claas grassland kit balers to its entry-level machines.
Modern Farming: The latest cultivators and tillage techniques to combat weed infestations.
Fleet Profile: FMJ met with one of seven brothers involved in the running of Whyte Bros Ltd, which also employs seven of the brothers’ sons.
Focus on...: How to get more money for your used machinery, and how to sell it easily.
The Big Decision: How and when do you replace a John Deere 6150R? That’s the dilemma facing one farmer assessing his options.
Running Report: Has the latest CAT 926M lived up to expectations on the clamp? We find out.
Running Report: A McHale Fusion 3 Plus had big boots to fill when it replaced Fusion 1. FMJ went to see how it’s fared so far.
Running Report: Increasing problems with weeds saw this farmer switch back to an updated Autocast system on his Claas Lexion 770.
Opinion: Stephen Howarth of the Agricultural Engineer Association explains what the current machinery sales figures mean for UK farming.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used John Deere 6125R.
Technical: Get the Right Ballast: How to add or remove weight to your tractor without impacting performance or soil compaction.
Technical: Improve Farm Security: With theft from farms on the rise, here’s expert advice on keeping kit safe.
Game Changers: How the Whitsed self-propelled potato harvester influenced the design of today’s high-tech machines.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 41 September 2017

Field Test: FMJ joined Charlotte Jones in Warwickshire to put the latest Massey Ferguson 7718 through its paces in front of a five-furrow plough.
First Impression: Ahead of AgriTechnica, Claas has unveiled the latest updates to its Axion 900 and Arion 500 and 600 ranges.
First Impression: There aren't many Liebherr L550 XPowers working on UK farms, but it seems like that could be about to change.
First Impression: Is the McCormick X2.30 the perfect scraper tractor? This pig farmer reckons his new tractor is pretty close.
Head to Head: Three self-propelled muck spreaders in one field, with the latest kit from Holmer, Vredo and Vervaet.
Modern Farming: A closer look at how John Deere's latest precision farming technology has helped these contractors to grow their business with minimal expenditure.
Fleet Profile: FMJ went to Norfolk to visit Hurn Bros Ltd, a specialist potato contractor and grower with an interesting fleet, including a 2017 John Deere 9420R.
Running Report: Cheshire contractor Bill Rose shows why his five-year-old Krone Swadro 1400 is still performing like new.
Running Report: Renowned Yorkshire farmers Metcalfe Farms explain why it switched to a 24m Vogelsang BackPac dribble bar.
Opinion: Jean-Michel Boyer of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions explains why farms need to be making the most of modern technology to increase yields.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used Massey Ferguson 7618.
Technical: choosing wheels: Single, dual or triple? FMJ gets to the bottom of which is best for you.
Technical: Loader inspections: With farm safety in the spotlight, here's how to make sure your telehandler passes its next LOLER or PUWER exam.
Game Changers: How the very first Claas self-propelled combine paved the way for every modern combine in use today..

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 40 August 2017

First Impression: FMJ got its hands on the brand new Kubota M5111 for its first ever test on British soil. After five days of hard work, here's our verdict.
First Impression: What do you get when you cross a telehandler and a skid-steer? The JCB Teleskid of course! We put it to the test in real-world farming conditions.
First Impression: FMJ got close up with Valtra's new A_Series at the official launch event, with a brief on-road and in-field trial.
First Impression: While involved in the development of the Fendt 1050 Vario, Michelin created a brand-new tyre, resulting in a combination that kicked out a tracked Challenger in this fleet.
Fleet Profile: One of the UK's largest growers shows us around its vast fleet of modern Massey Ferguson tractors.
Focus On: The latest ejector trailers that are pushing out traditional tipping trailers.
Event Report: The latest sprayers and spraying technology from this year's Cereals Event.
Event Report: A round-up of the machinery news from the Royal Highland Show in Scotland last month.
Focus On: Anaerobic Digestion plants are cropping up around the country, but how has this influenced the machines on sale?
Running Report: A Berkshire farmer explains how he came to need just one tractor after buying a Claydon Hybrid drill.
Opinion: The National Association of Agricultural Contractors reflects on the current state of the industry.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used JCB 526_56 telehandler.
Technical: Farm Software: How the latest software can make your operation much more efficient.
Technical: Dealing with Slugs: With the use of metaldehyde under review, here's how you can safely manage these slimy pests within the rules.
Game Changers: How the Ford 7000 tractor made fitting a turbocharger acceptable after many previous attempts failed.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 39 July 2017

First Impression: FMJ went to see the new Chafer Interceptor self-propelled sprayer at work as the firm returns to this market.
First Impression: Strautmann has revealed two new self-propelled feeder wagons. FMJ went to Germany for a closer look.
First Impression: Quicke's first new loaders in 11 years have moved into the digital age.
First Impression: Cornwall-based Teagle has shown its Tomahawk C12 straw chopper, now with more precision and sophistication.
Fleet Profile: What's the weapon of choice for a Fendt fleet needing a clamp machine? A 939 on dual wheels, of course.
Modern Farming: Harper Adams University has grown spring barley using only simple driverless machines. Here's how.
Modern Farming: A closer look at driverless tractors and whether they really are the future of farming in the UK or simply a PR stunt.
Behind the Scenes: Deutz-Fahr has a new home in Germany at a cost of €90 million. FMJ went for a look around the new facility.
Event Report: All the highlights from the working plots at the Grassland & Muck event, including some all-new machinery.
Focus On: Anaerobic Digestion plants are cropping up around the country, but how has this influenced the machines on sale?
Running Report: Has this Claas Arion 620 lived up to its promise of delivering everything its operator wanted from a new tractor?
Opinion: CTF expert Tim Chamen talks about the compromises farms are having to make with current CTF machinery.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used Valtra T3 tractor.
Technical: Tractor Power Loss: How to prevent your tractor from losing power as it clocks up the hours.
Technical: Prepare A Grain Store: After months of care, don't throw away a good crop by storing it incorrectly.
Game Changers: Here's what made the Bamfords a pioneering farming family, and what led to the start of the JCB company.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 38 June 2017

Field Test: FMJ puts a brand-new Case IH Maxxum 135 through its paces with some muck spreading and cultivation work.
First Impression: From the fields to the mountains with the latest Lindner Lintrac 90 tractor.
First Impression: Has a Warwickshire contractor's Sumo DTS 3 drill met his expectations?
First Impression: In the field with the latest Horsch Leeb PT280 self-propelled sprayer.
First Impression: Pottinger updates its Aerosem and Terrasem drills. We've got the details.
First Impression: FMJ rides alongside a Devon farmer for a demonstration of the latest Pichon Muck Master M1045 spreader.
Focus On: A round-up of all the latest utility quad bikes ready to go to work.
Grassland and Muck: A look ahead to this year's event, where a number of new machines will make their public working debut.
Cereals 2017: Here's the essential machinery to see at this year's event in Lincolnshire.
Running Report: FMJ went to see an Irish arable farmer ahead of the second season with his Claas Lexion 760 TerraTrac.
Running Report: Impressed with their first Valtra tractor, this contractor returned for a second Valtra T214, but is it as good?
Opinion: Alan Jagoe reflects on his stint as president of the European Young Farmers.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used Claas Axion 800.
Technical: Refurbished Sprayers: How Agrifac renovates second hand sprayers to 'good as new' condition.
Technical: Telehandler Joysticks: The vital controls of 12 of the most popular models from top manufacturers.
Game Changers: As David Brown's Cropmaster turns 70, FMJ looks back on what made this tractor better than a Ferguson TE-20.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 37 May 2017

Field Test: FMJ puts a McCormick X7.660 Exclusive through its paces with some challenging cultivation operations.
First Impression: In the field with the latest Amazone Pantera self-propelled sprayer, with the help of a seasoned operator.
First Impression: A 12-furrow Kverneland PW100 plough has been mated to a John Deere 9RX, but is it a match made in heaven?
First Impression: Sticking to New Holland seemed a good choice for one farmer, but how has the latest L220 skid steer performed.
National Sprayer Demo: This self-drive event returned for its second year to let operator’s trial the latest sprayers. FMJ went along to try some of the machines on show.
Fleet Profile: The Parker family explains how the business has changed since it was started in 1918, and how the machinery has helped in its evolution.
Running Report: FMJ went to find out how the much-hyped John Deere 9620RX has performed during its first year at work with a Staffordshire arable farm.
Running Report: After weighing up the options, this Yorkshire dairy farm chose a new Pottinger Mex 6 trailed forage harvester over a self-propelled machine. Here’s why.
Opinion: Gavin Pell explains how the shift to AGCO’s new full-line policy will change the way dealership Chandlers operates.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used Merlo P32.6 telehandler
Technical: Stuck In The Mud: Expert advice on how to recover machinery when things go wrong, from getting stuck to falling into ditches.
Technical: Driving Licences: Do you need to take a test to drive your machinery legally on the highway?
Game Changers: How milk productions was revolutionised by Hosier in 1921.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 36 April 2017

Field Test: FMJ puts the new Bobcat TL34.65HF telehandler through an exclusive tough first test on UK soil.
First Impression: With 14 Vredo self-propelled muck spreaders sold in December 2016 alone, here's what is impressing UK contractors.
Head to Head: 16 years separate New Holland's latest T5 and the TS 115 but just how much have tractors changed in this time?
Event Report: Ireland: With lots of new machines on show, here's what caught our attention.
Event Report: Sima: International shows are always a showcase for innovation. Here's what stood out at this year's exhibition in Paris.
Fleet Profile: The Watkins family has been farming in Yorkshire since the 1950s. Here's the current machinery line-up that keeps the operation running.
Focus on…: With more farmers embracing GPS technology than ever before, here are 10 entry-level units that can be fitted to any tractor on your fleet.
Running Report: A Cheshire contractor talks through his decision to invest in a McConnel PA7700T, and how it performed over the last season.
Running Report: How a JCB 435S wheeled loader has boosted capacity on the clamp for this contractor compared to the John Deere 6210R tractor run previously.
Opinion: Jonathan Lane contemplates the impact leaving the EU will have on the UK's domestic and export grain markets.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a used McCormick X60
Technical: The DIY Amazone Drill: Can't buy the machine you want? Exeter contractor Troy Stuart built his own, to great effect. Here's how he did it.
Technical: Ceasar Security System: How Datatag's machine marking system is helping reduce theft from farms.
Game Changers: Why the MB Trac was way ahead of its time when launched in 1971.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 35 March 2017

Field Test: A Leicestershire fencing contractor traded a Zetor for his McCormickX60.30. FMJ found out what it's like.
First Impression: Deutz-Fahr 5105.4G broke into a fleet of New Hollands, with some interesting factors influencing the farm.
First Impression: Vervaet's 617 Beet Eater is being replaced. FMJ went to see the new models – the Q616 and Q621 – in action
First Impression: Kubota is taking agriculture seriously, with two new tractors added to its line-up, and more to follow…
LAMMA 2017: With lots of new machines on show, here's what caught our attention.
Modern Farming: It'll never catch on', they said, but electric vehicles are rising in popularity and they're showing no sign of leaving. These machines are leading the way.
Running Report: FMJ went to Ireland to visit a contractor who has turned to three brands to minimise breakdowns and keep machines working all year round.
Focus on… What is Tractor of the Year, and how is the winner decided? FMJ spoke with a judge to find out why the Case IH Optum was crowned this year's winner.
Running Report: Running a New Holland W170C loading shovel has boosted the efficiency of this Scottish farm and AD plant. Here's how it has made the difference.
Opinion: David Watson considers the benefit of sowing cover crops to fight blackgrass and tackle pests in potatoes.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a Teagle Tomahawk.
Technical: Inside a Tractor Puller: How do you get 4000hp out of a Case IH Magnum? David Jones, BTPA British Superstock Champion, reveals all.
Technical: Tractor Toolboxes: Too big, too small, just right… Which manufacturer fits the best box?
Game Changers: How the Fowler Gyrotiller of 1927 inspired the modern power harrow.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 34 February 2017

Field Test: After briefly driving the new JCB Fastrac 8330 at its launch, FMJ put the model through a tougher on-farm trial.
First Impression: The launch of new John Deere 6R tractors might not have been a secret, but nobody was expecting a 300hp model.
First Impression: FMJ went to Somerset to see the 200hp four-cylinder Massey Ferguson 6718S in action. Here's our verdict.
First Impression: Yamaha UTVs are popular in the USA, but does the Viking have what it takes to become a big seller in the UK?
LAMMA 2017: Want to update your fleet in 2017? Here's some of the best new kit at LAMMA.
The Big Decision: Feeder wagons have their fans but could the old-school way of feeding or modern robotic solutions be even better?
Modern Farming: Case IH has teamed up with map specialists Ordnance Survey to offer the most reliable RTK network in the UK.
Running Report: After a mixed experience with his previous drill, David Ryan took a punt on a new Pottinger Terrasem C4.
Running Report: Why a Kverneland u-drill is the machine of choice for a Yorkshire farm.
Opinion: George Hosford contemplates the future of his 10-year-old John Deere combine after a costly winter service.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a John Deere 7530.
Technical: Guide to Engine Oil: Not all oils are equal, so it's vital to know what you're putting in your engine.
Technical: Telehandler Service: Some time on maintenance now will reduce the risk of a costly breakdown.
Game Changers: How County took the idea of four-wheel drive tractors and made it mainstream.

Farm Machinery Journal Issue 33 January 2017

Field Test: An initial drive of the JCB Loadall Agri Pro impressed, but could it stand up to life on a mixed farm in Leicestershire?
First Impression: Is it a tractor, is it a truck? Whatever the latest Unimog is, it's mighty impressive, especially off -road.
First Impression: FMJ travelled to France to see a Kuhn self-propelled feeder wagon in action. Will UK farmers be tempted?
First Impression: Manitou has launched a new range of MLT telehandlers from 6m to 9m. Here's how they stack up.
LAMMA 2017: A round-up of some of the best new tractors to see at LAMMA in January.
Focus On: With 2017 being billed as the year the pick-up becomes mainstream, here are the latest models tempting buyers.
Quadtrac Turns 20: From the first ever UK buyer to the latest models in action, four operators explain why the Case IH Quadtrac has been such a revolutionary tractor.
Modern Farming: Sprouts aren't just for Christmas, says one Dutch grower with the latest kit for harvesting beyond the festive season.
Running Report: Why a father and son team from Cheshire are big fans of Krone's BiG X 700.
Running Report: How a McConnel hedgecutter has made life easier for a Midlands contractor.
Opinion: Philip Reck looks back on the 2016 harvest and the advantages of running two Claas Lexion combines.
Used Buying Guide: What to look for and how much to pay for a West Dual muck spreader.
Technical: Trailer Braking: How to make sure you can always stop when you press the brake pedal.
Technical: Diesel Storage Issues: How low-sulphur fuels and biodiesel are affecting machinery.
Game Changers: How McConnel became the first manufacturer to implement a rear-mounted hedgecutter design.