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  T6, was inspired by a combination of    which was installed by Catley            Below: Purchased in          to take a few weeks to get the
events, including a logistical change     Engineering and to date has clocked      2013, this Strautmann          tractor we wanted. We were then
in the Leicestershire agricultural        1200 hours without putting a foot        forage wagon replaced           told McCormick had an X7.6
dealership network.                       wrong.”                                  a JF850 trailed forage          Efficient in stock at its UK
                                                                                   harvester. With no              headquarters at Doncaster.
   “Traditionally, we’ve stuck by MF         The primary operator responsible      requirement for                This was a 50kph model with
tractors,” explains Trevor Griffin.       for driving the X7.440 is Ruby           trailers or casual             front axle suspension, which we
“Unfortunately the last MF tractor we     Shorthose. Ruby started working for      labour, silage making        hadn’t ordered but it was available
purchased was a 6455, which proved        the Griffin family in 2012 and aside     is now described as        for immediate delivery. We took it,”
to be very troublesome and was            from handling day-to-day stock           being a lot less         explains Trevor.
frequently a source of frustration.       duties she is responsible for mowing,    stressful                   The tractor procured by Trevor
Having experienced these problems         muck carting, topping, harrowing and                              Griffin is the smallest six-cylinder
we decided not to keep all our eggs       the farm’s material handling duties.     Above: Following the     X7.6 model produced by McCormick,
in one basket and subsequently                                                     replacement of the       which shares the same ProDrive
purchased a New Holland T6.155               “When the McCormick first came        New Holland T6.155, the  transmission as the X7.440 mated to a
when the time came to replace our         I wasn’t keen on it,” concedes Ruby.     new McCormick X7.550     6.7-litre BetaPower (FPT) engine. The
ageing six-cylinder MF 5465 tractor.      “It seemed much bigger than the          has taken over the task  X7.650 is actually an overlap model,
                                          MF 6455 and it didn’t have a high-       of applying slurry from  sharing its horsepower rating with
   “Shortly after this happened our       visibility bonnet, which I really liked  the farm’s main store
local New Holland dealer closed down.     on the MF tractor. But after about a     using this umbilical
Unfortunately, our local AGCO Massey      week, once I’d got my head around        trailing-shoe unit
Ferguson dealership had also closed a     the McCormick’s size, it really started
couple of years earlier, so suddenly we   to grow on me.
were relying on dealerships for both
MF and New Holland that were more            “The driving position is much
than 30 miles away.”                      better in the X7. I’m only five feet
                                          tall and the MF was always a little
   Trevor is the first to acknowledge     awkward for me to get comfortable.
that the closest dealership to his farm   I could never quite get the seat
is a John Deere agency. While the         positioned where I wasn’t either
brand-conscious arable farmer’s son       reaching for the pedals, the control
might have prioritised the purchase       lever for the loader, or the gears,”
of a green and yellow machine, as a       she continues.
dairy farmer milking 150 cows and
farming 350 acres, the budget for            “By far the biggest improvement for
replacing this farm’s trio of tractors    me is the optional armrest electronic
would have purchased only two             joystick, which controls the loader.
John Deere models.                        It’s easy to use, perfectly placed and
                                          it provides really precise control with
   “We had decided the MF 6455 had        only the tiniest movement of your
to go,” reveals Trevor. “Initially we     hand. I also love the gearbox in this
priced up a comparable MF tractor         tractor.
fitted with a loader to replace it. Then
we priced up the McCormick with a            “Now when I’m loading straw
loader. For the same money it would       bales on to trailers in the field I
have cost to buy a 120hp MF model         leave the tractor in range three with
we were able to get a 145hp               the field-mode set in auto, so gear
McCormick and the dealer is right         changes are handled automatically.
on our doorstep.”                         The combination of this and the
                                          new joystick control has not
   The first McCormick tractor chosen     only made clearing the
by the Griffin family was an X7.440       fields easier but also
ProDrive model, which was supplied        quite a lot quicker. I
by Catley Engineering Ltd at              wouldn’t want to go
Peckleton in Leicestershire. The          back to the MF 6455
smallest tractor in the six-model         now.”
X7.4 range, the X7.440 is powered
by a 4.5-litre four-cylinder 16-valve     Inspired
BetaPower engine sourced from FPT.
                                          The impression
   Rated at 2200rpm, the engine           created by the
produces 131hp, with an additional        McCormick X7.440
10hp available through the engine’s       naturally inspired Trevor
Power Plus system. To handle the          to return to McCormick when
power, the X7.440 is equipped with        the time arrived to replace the
McCormick’s ProDrive four-speed           New Holland T6.155 driven by
powershift 24F/24R transmission,          his father, Don. Their choice was
providing a top-speed of 40kph.           a McCormick X7.650 ProDrive.

   “We bought the tractor in                 “We had ordered an ‘Efficient’
November 2016,” says Trevor. “It was      specification tractor with Colin Catley
equipped with a Quicke Q51 loader,        at Catley Engineering but it was going

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