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“We bought the
X7.440 in November
2016 and to date it
has clocked 1200
hours without
putting a foot wrong”

the 150hp four-cylinder X7.450 model.   quickly as possible. We use a Claas      Top and above inset:     in 2013 and it was a choice they
So why buy the six-cylinder model?      Quadrant 1200 baler, which suits our     The X7.440 was           don’t regret, as Trevor explains.
                                        needs perfectly but it really needs      purchased with
   According to Trevor Griffin, the     the torque of a six-cylinder tractor     a dealer-installed          “We previously used a JF850
requirement for a six-cylinder tractor  to handle it.                            Quicke Q51 loader.       precision chop trailed forage
like the 152hp X7.650 (160hp max) is                                             The optional electronic  harvester,” recalls Trevor. “Although
dictated by the family’s need for a        The new X7 tractor arrived at         joystick controller      this gave us control over the acreage
tractor not only suitable for grass     Hinckley in March 2018. This gave        (inset) is described     we mowed and when we harvested,
harvesting duties on the forage         Trevor and his father just enough        by operator Ruby         finding reliable casual labour to drive
wagon but also for powering a           time to acclimatise themselves with      Shorthose as perfectly   the trailers was increasingly a pain.
quadrant baler and pulling a cattle     the McCormick’s functions before         placed and with
box to transport livestock to local     silage-making began in late May.         precise control             “With the forage wagon, silage
cattle markets.                                                                                           making is 100 per cent less stressful.
                                           The Griffin family use a                                       There are no trailers involved, no
   “We buy in approximately 350         Strautmann Super Vitesse CFS 3501                                 labour involved, just the man in
acres of straw each year from a local   forage wagon for harvesting grass,                                the field and the man on the clamp.
arable farmer,” reports Trevor. “One    which is generally driven by Don                                  Starting at 9am, we typically average
of the stipulations for purchasing the  Griffin, while Trevor takes care of the                           about 30 acres a day, which gives me
straw is that you must have your own    silage clamp. The family moved over                               plenty of time to keep the clamp
baler so the fields can be cleared as   to a forage wagon harvesting system                               rolled.

                                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2018 WWW.FARMMACHINERYJOURNAL.CO.UK 47
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