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 “The most important factor with
 my experience using McCormick
 tractors has been the service”

     “Rolling is very important when     before our arrival the tired old MF     Below: Pictured on its        “We were initially concerned that
you use a forage wagon. The chop         tractor had been replaced by a brand    first outing into the      the X5 tractor wouldn’t be able to
length is slightly longer and            new McCormick X5.30.                    field, this brand new      negotiate some of the tight turns
consolidating the grass is more                                                  McCormick X5.30 had        around our buildings and fit down the
difficult. I buck-rake with a Case-IH       Once again the smallest model in     arrived just two days      passageways,” reveals Trevor. “It was
MX 135, which we hire during the         its range, the X5.30 is powered by a    earlier. It is pictured    only available in four-wheel drive and
silage season. Once Ruby has finished    3.4-litre Perkins engine that drives a  using a Fella TS671        the two-wheel drive MF 6130 could
mowing she will start rolling the        12F/12R manual gearbox equipped         rake driven by Trevor      turn on a sixpence.
clamp with the X7.440.”                  with a hydraulic power shuttle. Rated   Griffin’s fiancée Justine
                                         at 95hp (102hp max), the four-cylinder                             On-farm demo
   As Trevor had anticipated, the        Perkins motor churns out a healthy
McCormick X7.650 had no problem          420Nm of torque at just 1400rpm                                    “As part of the agreement to buy one,
handling the weight of the               providing 81.5hp at the PTO.                                       McCormick UK shipped its own
Strautmann wagon. With the added                                                                            demonstration unit to our farm from
benefit of both cab and front axle                                                                          Doncaster so we could spend a
suspension the tractor was described                                                                        couple of days with the tractor and
as being very comfortable to operate                                                                        make sure it could do what we
and stable at high-speed with enough                                                                        wanted,” Trevor continues.
power to handle the forage wagon
effortlessly with a full load – both on                                                                        “The X5.30’s first outing was on our
the road and in the field.                                                                                  Fella TS671 rake, rowing up in front of
                                                                                                            the forage wagon. It proved perfect for
   During FMJ’s visit to the Griffins’                                                                      this task although we did have a slight
farm the task of raking up the grass                                                                        issue with the brakes, which were
behind the mower was the                                                                                    very spongy. Catley Engineering, in
responsibility of Trevor’s fiancée,                                                                         conjunction with McCormick,
Justine. In previous years she would                                                                        rectified the problem under warranty
have used a two-wheel drive Massey                                                                          by replacing the tractor’s entire brake
Ferguson 6130, however just days                                                                            system.”

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